whydecisionrulesOnline Decision Models Analysis. You may analyze all decision models described in this book  online using OpenRules Why-Analyzer. You may select any provided decision model, open its implementation in Excel, execute this model against selected test cases, and analyze the results. It’s free and no registration is required.

openruleslogoSoftware Downloads. If you already purchased the book at Amazon, you may get the supporting software for free to be installed and tried on your own computer. You may submit the proper request from here.

You will receive access attributes to download a free evaluation version of OpenRules that includes all decision models discussed in the guide. You will be able to download the file “” and unzip it to your hard-drive.  The folder “openrules.dmn” will contain executable OpenRules projects such as “DecisionHello”. You need only MS Excel to open, analyze or modify the provided decision models.  You may test (execute) any decision model by double-click on the file “run.bat” from a regular Window Explorer. You may similarly create and test your own decision models. You only need Java to be installed on your computer – you may get Java 2 Standard Edition: J2SE Development Kit release 1.6 or higher for free from here. Any problem? See our Installation Guide.

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